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Pat Crawford

Board Member
Term Expires: 
September 2020

Pat Crawford is a Workers’ Compensation/Return to Work Specialist for the Texas Department of Insurance/Division of Workers’ Compensation.                           

Prior to joining the Division, Pat was a Workers’ Compensation Specialist and Regional HR Manager for Levi Strauss & Co. for 23 years, where she trained and supervised human resource managers. She began to manage workers’ compensation for LS&Co. in 1987. Her responsibilities included oversight of claims and claims administrators. She was responsible for monitoring regulatory and legislative matters in 13 states.

Pat served on the Board of Directors for the Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund (Texas Mutual Insurance) for nine years. She has served on numerous national and local committees addressing workers’ compensation and labor concerns across the country. She was a member of the Senate Select Committee during the complete reform of theTexas workers’ compensation system in the early 1990’s. She worked closely with the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission during the initial rules development process. Pat continued to monitor and actively participate in the development of the system until leaving the company in 1998. She joined the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission after taking early retirement from LS&Co. due the Company’s decision to move manufacturing offshore.

Currently, Pat is responsible for the Return to Work education program for the Division of Workers’ Compensation at the Texas Department of Insurance. She is an accomplished public speaker and travels extensively providing seminars, training and consultations to employers, health care providers and insurance carriers.

Her business background has provided “hands-on” experience in dealing with the difficulties often faced by employers in controlling workers’ compensation costs and getting injured workers back to work following a work-related illness or injury.