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New Republic Studios shines spotlight

Tucked back off the main highways through Bastrop County, along the Colorado River is a traditional television and film studio with four sound stages and more than 200 acres of backlot.

Formerly known as Spiderwood Studios, New Republic Studios aims to be the next major filming and production site for the entertainment industry.

Currently, New Republic Studios has four purpose-built sound stages with several production facilities and 200 acres of backlot.

With Chairman and CEO John Robison at the helm, that won’t be all the studios have to offer in the coming years.

Robison has a 30-year career of working to bring content and technology together.

After spending several years in Hollywood, Robison spent time in China building studios and bringing productions to the country, before a meeting with then-Texas Governor Rick Perry shifted his focus.

“Rick pitched Texas: It’s the technology of San Francisco with the creativity of LA,” Robison said.

Robison started moving tech businesses to Texas, when Perry told him about these studios just outside of Austin.

“I came out here and started looking at what the previous owner had built,” Robison said.

“I was looking at doing something in Georgetown but fell in love with this property almost immediately.”

Robison spent time with the previous owner, with whom he had much in common. A vision for the property became clear.

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